Foreign Sales

Ely x Tsuno Syoujyo album set


Here's the foreign sales page for Ely x Tsuno Syoujyo album set , containing the album and CD-ROM . The only acceptable payment method would be Paypal, sorry for the inconvenience. Flexible price may occur due to variable postage in different areas, so after receiving order forms , we will send you a letter informing the total amount. Please fill out the following form carefully. Thank You ^^





此表單為《Ely x  角.少女》的海外通販頁面

付款方式只有● paypal信用卡付款 ● 由於各國郵資不同,填完此表單後會在寄信給您,告知加上運費後的總金額。以下內容請務必仔細填寫,詳情請點入上方海外預購填寫表單,謝謝!!